Welcome to my practice.  I'm glad you're here.


I am a licensed therapist practicing in the Central Eastside of Portland, OR.  Life can feel really difficult at times.  I'm here to offer compassion and support in navigating the complicated world of emotions.  I enjoy working with families and individuals.  Whatever led you to my page, welcome.  I wish you well in your search for the right therapist. 



Individual therapy

 I believe that most of us go through life trying our best.  And yet, there are times when even our absolute best can still not feel like it's getting us where we want to go.  Going it alone can be exhausting. That's where therapy can help.  Together, we can build some new skills, practice keeping what serves you and letting go of what doesn't. Let's get started!  

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Family Therapy

Each family member has their own wants, needs, and ways of doing things. Managing all of those moving pieces can be a challenge. Therapy is a place to practice skillful communication and create healthier relationships.  I have worked with children and families of all ages.

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